The Verbier Art Summit membership platform is a year-round invitation to join an international group of visionaries in the art world.


The membership platform comes together – by invitation only – every winter in Verbier, Switzerland for a weekend of innovation. The annual programme is organised in partnership with an acclaimed museum director around urgent themes at the intersection of art and society. Together, we will envision and realise new futures, enabling today’s most important voices to take action.

Membership helps to support the Summits mission of empowering the art ecosystem to be a positive social change facilitator.

Your membership includes access to the Verbier Art Summit extended debating programme, a curator-led tour at the (annually rotating) partnering museum, a series of local Micro-Summits that will start in 2023, and a gifted copy of the annual book publication.

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Members are involved in year-round brainstorm sessions, forming a strong, committed art community that sponsor and drive the development of the Verbier Art Summit, with support from top art world stakeholders.

The Verbier Art Summit membership platform also connects physically at the beginning of each year during the in-person event and extended debating programme in Verbier. By transforming the annual Summit into a hybrid event and broadcasting the programme through a virtual platform, the Summit will reach people from all over the world, building an international movement to drive social change through art.



Leading artists, museum directors, academics and thought leaders come from around the world to speak at the Verbier Art Summit.


Moderated debates held in private chalets include speakers and other high level art world stakeholders.


The debates are carefully curated for intimate groups of 25 Members in order to optimise new initiatives and collaborations from the inspiring space and time in Verbier.


The Summit would like to further engage local communities by organising a series of ‘Micro-Summits’ at museums all over the world, to build local action around the annually changing Summit theme, accelerating the innovation, education and inspiration processes at a global level.

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Our aim is to create a thriving platform. Please contact us with any questions about our programme, donations, or your participation: anneliek@verbierartsummit.org


Djamila Ribeiro

2020 Summit Speaker

The fight for human rights is not separate from the fight for climate change.

Meta Knol

2020 Summit Member

What is it all really about? What should we be aiming for, while moving away from this excess?

Jessica Morgan

Nathalie de Gunzburg Director of New York’s Dia Art Foundation
2020 Summit Partner

Resources have to be understood through the spaces, places and people we need to learn from.