To generate new initiatives and visions, the Summit offers Memberships to a select group of international art world stakeholders, including artists, museum directors, curators, collectors, art historians, art critics, gallerists and art consultants. The members are encouraged to actively exchange perspectives in an extended debating programme.

For more information about Membership, please contact info@verbierartsummit.org

founding members 

Founding Members are predominantly residents of Verbier (on either a permanent or seasonal basis) and are all intricately involved in art as private collectors, artists or art consultants. They “host” the Verbier Art Summit by inviting art world stakeholders to exclusive moderated art debates, exclusive lunches or dinners, and even provide housing to the speakers in their beautiful chalets. Founding Members include:

Marie-Louise Albada Jelgersma

Catherine Barré

Helena Bjäringer

Martin Bjäringer

Hubert and Séverine Bonnet

Maarten Esser

Ute Esser

Charles & Marie-Claude Firmenich

Domenique Forsberg

Claartje de Gruyter 

Joseph de Gruyter 

Harry Tappan Heher

Dominic Hollamby

Lena Josefsson

Per Josefsson

Charles de Pauw

John Porter

Jean-Edouard van Praet d'Amerloo

Nadia Röttger 

Caspar Schübbe

Dariane Sigg

Pierre Sigg 

Marie-Hélène de Torrenté

Paula Fentener van Vlissingen 

Robert Fentener van Vlissingen

honorary members

Honorary Members are artists, museum directors, curators, academics, political figures, writers and innovation leaders. They have contributed to the Verbier Art Summit as speakers, moderators, curators or honored guests. Honorary Members include:

Karen Archey

Ed Atkins

Maria Balshaw

Dave Beech

Daniel Birnbaum

Irma Boom

Benjamin Bratton

Tania Bruguera

Federico Campagna

HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands

Douglas Coupland

Latifa Echakhch

Olafur Eliasson

Mark Fisher

Cissie Fu

Barbara Hendricks

Grada Kilomba

Rem Koolhaas

Michelle Kuo

Lars Bang Larsen

Tobias Madison

Ernesto Neto

Gabi Ngcobo

Susanne Pfeffer

Pamela Rosenkranz

Beatrix Ruf

Tino Sehgal

Nicholas Serota 

Wolf Singer

Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Paul Spies

Naine Terena

Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Rirkrit Tiravanija

Dado Valentic

Gonzalo Vargas Llosa

Paul Verschure

Jochen Volz

Anicka Yi

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