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Anneliek Sijbrandij-Schachtschabel studied Law at the University of Groningen and joined Andersen Amsterdam as a tax lawyer in 2000. Anneliek was seconded to London in 2002, where she continued to work for professional services firm Deloitte for over 10 years. In 2012, she followed her passion for art and studied Modern & Contemporary Art and art world practice in London. Whilst living in Verbier, she founded the non-profit Verbier Art Summit together with Marie-Hélène de Torrenté and Julie Daverio, and became the president and treasurer of the Association. Anneliek is the Managing Director of the Summit team and meets regularly with the Board of Directors, the Board of Advisors as well as the Founding Members, to ensure the Summit will continue to act as a catalyst for innovation and change. 

Beatrix Ruf
Strategic Director & 2017 Partner
Daniel Birnbaum
2018 Partner
Jochen Volz
2019 Partner
Julie Daverio
Board of Directors
Marie-Hélène de Torrenté
Board of Directors
Pilar Albada Jelgersma
Board of Advisors
Marlies Cordia
Board of Advisors
John Slyce
Board of Advisors
Noepy Testa
Board of Advisors
Siebe Tettero
Board of Advisors
Claire Wardle
2020 Event Manager
Valérie Reinhold
Director of Development & Operations
Alison Pasquariello
Project Manager
Georgia Mowry
Project Manager 
Fleur Greebe
2020 Committee 
Tessa van Soest
2020 Committee 
Fried-Jan van den Eerenbeemt
2020 Committee 
Nicolas Bernheim
Press Officer
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