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All art and ecology lovers around the world are invited to join the Verbier Art Summit virtually on 11—12 February 2022 to round-up the debate around the ecological theme Resource Hungry. The Summit’s online platform will feature an interactive programme of talks, debates and live Q&As between thought leaders and key figures in the art world. Speakers of the 2022 Summit are jointly invited by the previous Summit museum directors—Beatrix Ruf, Daniel Birnbaum, Jochen Volz and Jessica Morgan.

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New online debates, with a group of renowned international speakers, will engage in ideas for ecological transformation in the arts, our cultural institutions, and society at large. The interdisciplinary programme will look back on previous Summit themes with an ecological perspective, providing a new way forward out of our Resource Hungry era.


The planetary experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled a re-thinking of values and behaviours at an individual, institutional and societal level. As nations closed borders, we realised more than ever that all humans are globally connected, and that we share a collective responsibility when it comes to our resources. We refocused on the importance of health for people, non-human agents and our planet as a whole, and urgent issues such as inequity, racial injustice and decolonisation came to the foreground. Art and culture have a fundamental role to play in reimagining our communities after the pandemic, providing inspiration on ethics of care and empathy towards our planet and one another.


If anything, COVID-19 has made evident that the world is connected now more than ever through trade, technology and culture, but it is also indelibly connected through air, water and weather patterns that pay no heed to national and political boundaries. One can hope that a moment like this is an opportunity to reset. As we reopen, restart, resume and return, can we do so differently, mindfully?Jessica Morgan, museum director of the Dia Art Foundation in New York


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Torkwase Dyson. Photo courtesy of Torkwase Dyson Studios.

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Professor Louise O. Fresco

The Summit series started with the theme Size Matters! (De) Growth of the 21st Century Art Museum chosen by our Strategic Director Beatrix Ruf. As partnering museum director 2017 she was contributing with the team of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and is now again as Director of the Hartwig Art Foundation. Beatrix’s theme revolved around the transformations of cultural institutes and their corresponding increase in scale, which remains relevant in times of climate crisis and will be further explored in her 2022 debate: (De)Growth in Times of Climate Crisis. Beatrix’ 2022 Summit debate will feature the artist Torkwase Dyson, who works across multiple mediums, such as painting, drawing and sculpture, exploring the continuity between ecology, infrastructure and architecture, with a focus on the ways that black and brown bodies perceive and negotiate space. Torkwase will be in dialogue with Professor Louise O. Fresco, an expert in the field of sustainable agriculture, who is aiming to provide an answer to the question: “How can we provide food for 9 trillion people by 2030?” Louise has also served as Assistant Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome since 2000.


Ailton Krenak. Photo by Matthieu Jean Marie Lena / ISA


Olinda Tupinambá. Photo by Arquivo Pessoal.

The second Summit debate continues the theme We are Many: Art, the Political and Multiple Truths, chosen by our 2019 partnering museum director, Jochen Volz of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo. Jochen’s theme engaged the art world in critical reflection on their social and political responsibilities, focusing on concepts of many histories, of plural forms of knowledge, and of contradicting narratives. Jochen’s 2022 debate will expand on the ecological role of art: Multiple Ecological Truths, featuring the Indigenous filmmaker, journalist and activist Olinda Tupinambá, who works with audiovisual including documentaries, fiction and performance, dealing with environmental recovery and restoration. She will be in conversation with writer, researcher, environmentalist and Indigenous leader Ailton Krenak, who will provide his expertise on Indigenous thinking of alternative ways to imagine the world and humanity’s relationship with nature. 

Two more debates will be announced soon: Sustainability in the Digital Age, expanding the 2018 theme More than Real. Art in the Digital Age, curated by Daniel Birnbaum. And the final debate will be a continuation of the theme Resource Hungry. Our Cultured Landscape and Its Ecological Impact, chosen by our 2020 partner Jessica Morgan: A New Way Forward out of our Resource Hungry Era. 


The 2022 virtual Summit will also present its long-standing cultural partners, including the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Julie’s Bicycle, HEAD – Genève and the EPFL+ECAL Lab. The Summit’s local partner, the Verbier 3-D Foundation will inspire through the artwork by Lausanne-based artist collective Fragmentin, and the Verbier Festival will feature the composer, producer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev. 


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All Summit participants are invited to share their ideas by creating a 'Pledge Card' about what climate actions they would like to see happening.


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The content of each Summit remains available on the website and is documented in an annual publication designed by Irma Boom and published by Koenig Books, London. 

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